Print / Shipping Information

I spent many weeks finding the right print company to manufacture these products for your enjoyment and I appreciate you taking the time to consider purchasing some of my work.

As a little bit of insight into the work and technology that goes into creating prints of my work, I have the following information about the process.

Technology and Inks
All my prints are printed on Canon Prograf digital inkjet machines. They use Canon Lucia Ex archival ink and each print is guaranteed lightfast (when stored correctly) for 100+ years!.

Colour reproduction
Due to your own settings on your own computer and / or mobile device that you are viewing this product on (brightness and contrast), there may be a slight variation in colour reproduction. I have approved every piece of artwork created by my printers and have designed it all on correctly calibrated displays. My displays are calibrated to match the printers I work with and I have seen and approved every product you see for sale on this site. You will rarely notice any change at all, but if you need to speak to me about it, please use the contact form on the main site to give me a shout and I’ll address any issues you may have. Refunds will not be given without very good reason and colour reproduction is the main cause of confusion in this matter. My work is calibrated, your displays may not be).

Paper prints (framed and unframed)
Are produced on 240gsm professional grade archival paper with heavier weight options coming soon).
Unframed prints are supplied in acid free tissue paper and shipped in protective postal rolls.
Framed prints are shipped in the appropriate protective packaging.

Canvas Prints
Are printed on 340gsm professional cotton canvas. Each canvas has a heavy coating of protective UV Laquer applied by hand. This serves many purposes, mainly to deepen the colours and protect from harmful UB light. It also protects the canvas from scuffs and light scratches and you can wipe them clean with a soft damp (not wet) cloth.
Each canvas is stretched and tightened by hand around a 38mm professional grade frame (also hand made). Protective corners are applied before the product is shipped in protective packaging.

Shipping – What you should know
Please allow up to thirty (14) days for shipping. We aim to produce and have the product at your address within fourteen (7) days at most, but sometimes delays can occur due the number of orders I receive and / or shipping routes and customs. Please be patient.

As our preferred courier for UK delivery is UKMail and UPS for International shipments. Normally, delivery will take three to five (3-5) working days from completing the order. Upon completion and shipping of your order, you will receive a tracking code which you can use to track your product.